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CrashPlan 4.8.0 Installation Fix for Synology (1435813200480_331 November 2016)

Affiliate Links Here we go again! Sorry about taking this long posting about this one in particular, I had to focus on other stuff. The worst part of the current way of fixing this is that it always ends up “synchronizing file information” again, which is painstakingly slow. One quick reminder – you can “Submit Your Own Post”…

How to prevent CrashPlan Home / PRO / SMB auto-upgrade process

Affiliate Links NOTICE: The path to consider in the scripts below depend on your CrashPlan version CrashPlan Home users: /var/packages/CrashPlan/target CrashPlan PRO users: /var/packages/CrashPlanPRO/target (Probably) CrashPlan SMB users: /var/packages/CrashPlanSMB/target   Based on the comment from Per at, here’s a suggestion for locking access to the upgrade folder (making it read-only) and hence blocking the auto-upgrade process altogether. This will…

CrashPlan 4.8.0 Installation Fix for Synology (1435813200480_286 October 2016)

Affiliate Links It’s that time of the year again when CrashPlan breaks on our Synology’s. I think we’re at 4.8.0 right now, considering the version ID that’s coming up. Update (4th October): Patters has apparently fixed the package. Updated to CrashPlan 4.8.0, Java 8 is now required, added optional dedicated Java 8 Runtime instead of the…

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