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CrashPlan for Small Business 6.7.0 Installation Fix for Synology (1512021600670_4503 February 2018)

Affiliate Links The latest auto-upgrade from the CrashPlanPRO client for Synology is now pushing for installation of a newly branded engine: CrashPlan for Small Business (CrashPlanSMB), version 6.7.0. Here’s  the log for this: 02/03/18 05:02PM Synology extracting upgrade from /var/packages/CrashPlanPRO/target/upgrade/1512021600670_4503.jar 02/03/18 05:09PM CrashPlan for Small Business started, version 6.7.0, GUID 544550513805885703 You should block the auto-upgrade…

Changing the Java Heap – Increasing Available Memory for CrashPlan

Affiliate Links Ah, CrashPlan headless, the thing we love for offsite backup, unlimited storage vs cost. For most users acquainted to this CrashPlan server like setup, the Java heap issue is more than well known: CrashPlan is a memory hog and will stop working without any warning or readable info (other than buried in the logs),…

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