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How to Update Docker+CrashPlan PRO / CrashPlan for Small Business on Synology (March/2018)

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(unverified for now, but should work and it was confirmed by others on github)


To update the Docker image to its latest revision, the process should be fairly easy and you can do it via the Docker app interface (or you can use the command line).

The method below should work but it also might not recover your settings. So you might want to try exporting your current container’s settings first and then, if in trouble, just import the updated docker image using the settings file you’ve exported earlier.


  1. Press Registry and search up the package (we’re using jlesage/docker-crashplan-pro)
  2. Download the latest revision.
  3. Stop the currently running container, click on Clear and Restart the container. The container is likely to disappear but it should re-appear just after.


Also, to keep automatically updated by new releases of the  jlesage/docker-crashplan-pro docker image, I’m using an IFTTT “New feed item” RSS recipe to send me an email whenever a new release is available in the atom feed. Here’s the URL for reference:`


Leave a comment below in case you’ve verified this as well of if there’s any correction to make.



3 comments for “How to Update Docker+CrashPlan PRO / CrashPlan for Small Business on Synology (March/2018)

  1. crypticc
    August 29, 2018 at 20:40

    thank you. also FYI I used watchtower container to update and restart container with same options whenever I pull a refreshed image

    • an
      August 30, 2018 at 19:37

      Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll check it out!

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