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CrashPlan for Home is to be discontinued – what now?

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    So Code42 is getting out of the home user business, as presented here:

    Next Steps

    And here’s the facebook post where customers are placing a lot of questions:


    Synology’s C2 cloud service’s prices have been published and they are generally more expensive:

    In the end I think paying up twice as much for CrashPlan for Small Business can be one of the best options. The app for Synology is named differently but it reportedly works similarly.

    In the end, something like this was bound to happen. Microsoft was the first to pull back from unlimited cloud storage on OneDrive, although it is still (IMO) one of the best options to have with Office365, but for Cloud Backup it’s a different story: Amazon was recently offering Unlimited storage but pulled back as well. Costs for this must be very significant and home users ultimately will more likely abuse the system than enterprise ones.


    What do you think about this?


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