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Disabling Crashplan 3.x from updating to 64bit version on Ubuntu 14.4

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This post is for ubuntu 14.4 running crashplan 3.7.x.

This is assuming you have the default file locations for install:


This is to fix Crashplan crashing after trying to update to the latest version (which will only support x64 systems) then kills the Crashplan engine running in the background. We had to:


  1. Uninstall new version, locate your install folder for the version you want to reinstall, and open folder. Mine was in /usr/tim/desktop/crashplanPRO-Install then do:
    sudo ./
  2. Then do a sudo ./ in the same folder.
    (follow prompts, BUT DO NOT RUN AFTER INSTALL)
  3. Disable from updating: (or at least until you are ready to do so)
    go to your installation folder in the terminal ctrl+shift+t, the
    default should be /usr/local/crashplan/ do a
    cd /usr/local/crashplan you should now be in the crashplan app
    folder. then do a sudo chmod 444 upgrade
    (this elevates the privilege of the folder so crashplan can no longer
    access the upgrade folder, because there is no option in the Graphic
    user interface to disable auto-updating)
  4. Wipe the sweat from your forehead, it’s all good.


This should give you some time to upgrade the system running crashplan, i am assuming that
at some point if you do not upgrade, you will no longer be able to login to Crashplan! so think about upgrading soon, i hope this helps
out anyone who noticed crashplan hadn’t backed up in days and then realised it crapped the bed.

Post submitted by Tim Stewart – thanks for sharing!


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