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CrashPlan for Small Business 6.7.0 Installation Fix for Synology (1512021600670_4503 February 2018)

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The latest auto-upgrade from the CrashPlanPRO client for Synology is now pushing for installation of a newly branded engine: CrashPlan for Small Business (CrashPlanSMB), version 6.7.0. Here’s  the log for this:

02/03/18 05:02PM Synology extracting upgrade from /var/packages/CrashPlanPRO/target/upgrade/1512021600670_4503.jar

02/03/18 05:09PM CrashPlan for Small Business started, version 6.7.0, GUID 544550513805885703

You should block the auto-upgrade procedure and stick to CrashPlan PRO 4.9.0 until there is an updated package for the new CrashPlanSMB structure. When that’s available I’ll update this page.

If you did get your installation stuck, just grab the previous linux package for CrashPlan PRO 4.9.0  from > App Downloads, and use the previous guides to get it up and running, and then block the auto-upgrade procedure in the CrashPlanPRO folder.

Here’s a quick guide to rollback to 4.9.0 :

  1. Take note of your Java heap size to punch it again later on
  2. Get the 4.9.0 Linux package from > App Downloads and place it in your Synology’s public folder. I’ll be doing a dedicated Java setup, so do get jre-8u151-linux-x64.tar.gz from Oracle’s site and place it next to the CrashPlan PRO package.
  3. Uninstall your CrashPlan PRO (CPP) package using Synology’s Package Manager (SPM).
  4. Install it again, uncheck “Run after install”.
  5. Use ssh to disable the auto-upgrade process at this stage. You can also change the Java heap as well.
  6. Run the package,  and tail the log on a second ssh session:
    tail -f /var/packages/CrashPlanPRO/target/log/service.log.0
  7. Wait until you get something similar to:
    READY! Unauthorized Listening ports are PEER=4242/4247, CPD=4243, HTTP=4244
  8. Using SPM stop CPP‘s package. Wait for a “Service stopped normally” log entry. Start the package again and you should be seeing log entries such as “HISTORY:: Unable to apply upgrade(s), retrying in one hour”
  9. We should now be good to go. Let’s get .ui_info onto our client, login, and check if everything is looking good. Note that the client app is probably going to try and upgrade (mine wasn’t successful on macOS) and you may need to close it and login in once again. After login the client should report “CrashPlan PRO Upgrade Failed”.
  10. If you’re getting “Waiting for connection“, wait for a moment or double click the app’s icon and  issue reconnect.



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