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CrashPlan in Docker on Synology NAS

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Here’s a very nifty tutorial for setting up CrashPlan using Docker on a Synology NAS:

How to run Crashplan in Docker on Synology NAS

Check that out for a comprehensive instruction set. If you want just the barebone version of it here it is:

  1. Install Docker, activate SSH and access your NAS using terminal
  2.  Pull a CrashPlan Docker container:
    • sudo docker pull jrcs/crashplan
  3. Run the Container:
    • sudo docker run -d --name CrashPlan -p 4242:4242 -p 4243:4243 -v /volume1:/volume1 jrcs/crashplan:latest
  4. Go to the Docker terminal (Docker > Container > CrashPlan >Details > Terminal > Create > Bash) on the DSM interface and grab the .ui_info token
    • cat /var/lib/crashplan/.ui_info
  5. While in DSM, open Docker > Container > CrashPlan, stop the container and check “Enable auto restart” within “Basic options”.
  6. Add mount points for /volume1 (or whatever you want CrashPlan to access on your Synology) to the Container and start the container again
  7. Use the ui_info token info on your client CrashPlan app.





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