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CrashPlan 4.8.0 Installation Fix for Synology (1435813200480_286 October 2016)

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It’s that time of the year again when CrashPlan breaks on our Synology’s. I think we’re at 4.8.0 right now, considering the version ID that’s coming up.

Update (4th October): Patters has apparently fixed the package.

Updated to CrashPlan 4.8.0, Java 8 is now required, added optional dedicated Java 8 Runtime instead of the default system one, including 64bit Java support on 64 bit Intel CPUs to permit memory allocation larger than 4GB

Do note that all non-Intel support has apparently been dropped (quoting patters):

Regretfully yes, Intel only now – Code42’s action not mine.

Yes, unfortunately CrashPlan no longer works on non-Intel CPUs due to a requirement for a proprietary native library with version 4.8.0. Since I don’t have source code for that, I can’t compile it for the non-Intel CPUs 🙁
Old packages still available here:


Unfortunately no way to block. At some point (if not already) Code42 will migrate your backup archive on their servers forcing you to version 4.8.0.

Update: actually, it is possible to block, read this article on how to do it.


Apparently if you’re using Java 1.7 it will break, and using Java 1.8 will make it run. Edit: solutions below working for Intel based NAS’.


Solution 3 (3rd October) – My own, I guess simpler than the others:

  1. Copy cpio to /bin (this is probably necessary after DSM’s firmware is upgraded):
    • sudo cp /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/bin/cpio /bin/cpio
  2. Uninstall CrashPlan using DSM Package Manager
  3. Make sure you have Java8 from Synology installed. If not, install it.
  4. Reinstall CrashPlan and select “Default System Java Version” in the installer options
  5. Let it run for a while, until it stops (may be necessary to repeat start/stop). If you check the logs via Package Manager it will have tried to upgrade.
  6. Now SSH the NAS and edit the file /var/packages/CrashPlan/target/install.vars, redirecting to a correct Java Package:
    • Synology official Java 8 Package:
  7.  Start the package and wait. You should now see it running 4.8.0, via logs.
  8. After fixing .ui_token you’ll have to login on your client app.
  9. If you were using a custom Java heap size, don’t forget to change it again.

Hope this helps!


Solution 1 (Robert at :

1. copy cpio to /bin (I thought I previously made a symlink to cpio)
2. sudo cat ./upgrade.cpi | gzip -d -c — | cpio -iv
3. added back USR_MAX_HELP to syno_package.vars
4. uninstall patters’ java 1.7 and install patters’ java 1.8 from package center
5. start crashplan from package center

Solution 2 (Martin at – I don’t like this one as much because it assumes uninstallation, it’s something I always try to avoid:

1. Uninstall Crashplan
2. Reinstall Crashplan (system java as I’ve installed Synology Java 8 x64 101)
3. Wait for stop
4. Start
5. Wait for stop
6. SSH to synology
7. cd /volume1/@appstore/CrashPlan
8. sudo cat ./upgrade.cpi | gzip -d -c — | cpio -iv
9. Start Crashplan
10. Successfully running 4.8

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