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CrashPlan 4.7.0 Installation Fix for Synology (1435813200470_344 July 2016)

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Here we go with one more unofficial CrashPlan Support post… This one related to the 4.70 1435813200470_344 auto upgrade from last 11 July 2016.


In my case this is what I did to make CrashPlan (non Pro) run again:


  1. Remove the CrashPlan package using DSM
  2. Connect to the headless server by SSH and remove “/var/lib/crashplan
    sudo rm -R /var/lib/crashplan

    – keep SSH connection open

  3. Reinstall the CrashPlan package using DSM
  4. In my case I had to Stop and Start the package again
  5. Use the SSH connection to make the necessary .ui_token arrangements
  6. Open CrashPlan on your desktop, and login. In my case I had to adopt the previous backup
  7. With CrashPlan open, immediately set your java heap size if needed by entering “java mx XXX, restart” on the internal command line.


I didn’t have to move any jar files, this was wall that was necessary. Also, it will now take some long hours to re-adopt the backup, but it’s in my case it’s fine.  Hope this helps!


Check the original forum thread if you need more info:


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