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Connecting to the Headless NAS – Update the .ui_token File Procedure

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One more important piece of non-official CrashPlan support and assistance: updating the .ui_token file in order to connect to our headless CrashPlan backup setup!

Here are the tasks that need to be made on the headless server and the desktop computer (Mac will be used in this example), respectively:


Headless CrashPlan Backup Server:

  1. Log on the NAS via SSH
  2. Get the key by entering:
    cat /var/lib/crashplan/.ui_info ; echo
  3. Select and Copy the outputted text, which will be similar to:
    1. Note that the IP address at the end has to be real; if it reads it will need to changed


Desktop Computer (Client):

Instructions below are for macOS. For other OS check the folder locations here.

Simplified, jump right into step 4:

  1. Click on your desktop (or open a Finder window) and press Shift+Command+G (⇧⌘+G) ant type in “/Library/Application Support/CrashPlan/” – For other OS check the folder locations here
  2. You need to edit an hidden file called “.ui_token”. You need to paste in the info from 3 (server), there are many ways to do it. The way I do it is to open a new terminal window, go to that same folder and rename the file:
    mv .ui_info t.ui_info
  3. The file will now be on the Finder window so I just drag it onto Sublime Text, paste the output from3 (server), save it and rename it back on the terminal window. 

  4. Open Terminal and launch your preferred text editor to edit the local .ui_info file (I’m using Sublime Text 2 below):
    open -a "Sublime Text" "/Library/Application Support/CrashPlan/.ui_info"
  5. Note the IP address at the end! If it is set to or you’ll need to change it to your server’s IP address, although that if you restart the CrashPlan service one more time it should be populated with your NAS IP address.



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