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How to prevent CrashPlan Home / PRO / SMB auto-upgrade process

Affiliate Links NOTICE: The path to consider in the scripts below depend on your CrashPlan version CrashPlan Home users: /var/packages/CrashPlan/target CrashPlan PRO users: /var/packages/CrashPlanPRO/target (Probably) CrashPlan SMB users: /var/packages/CrashPlanSMB/target   Based on the comment from Per at, here’s a suggestion for locking access to the upgrade folder (making it read-only) and hence blocking the auto-upgrade process altogether. This will…

Connecting to the Headless NAS – Update the .ui_token File Procedure

Affiliate Links One more important piece of non-official CrashPlan support and assistance: updating the .ui_token file in order to connect to our headless CrashPlan backup setup! Here are the tasks that need to be made on the headless server and the desktop computer (Mac will be used in this example), respectively:   Headless CrashPlan Backup Server:…

Changing the Java Heap – Increasing Available Memory for CrashPlan

Affiliate Links Ah, CrashPlan headless, the thing we love for offsite backup, unlimited storage vs cost. For most users acquainted to this CrashPlan server like setup, the Java heap issue is more than well known: CrashPlan is a memory hog and will stop working without any warning or readable info (other than buried in the logs),…

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