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CrashPlan PRO / CrashPlan for Small Business using Docker on Synology (March/2018)

Affiliate Links Docker has become a very good solution, easy to implement, to get CrashPlan PRO running without all the fuss of the adapted SPK package made available and maintained by the awesome patters. There are multiple advantages of using Docker: CrashPlan PRO’s install is not considered headless (you can access it via web GUI

CrashPlan for Small Business 6.7.0 Installation Fix for Synology (1512021600670_4503 February 2018)

Affiliate Links The latest auto-upgrade from the CrashPlanPRO client for Synology is now pushing for installation of a newly branded engine: CrashPlan for Small Business (CrashPlanSMB), version 6.7.0. Here’s  the log for this: 02/03/18 05:02PM Synology extracting upgrade from /var/packages/CrashPlanPRO/target/upgrade/1512021600670_4503.jar 02/03/18 05:09PM CrashPlan for Small Business started, version 6.7.0, GUID 544550513805885703 You should block the auto-upgrade

Migration from CrashPlan Home to CrashPlan for Small Business

Affiliate Links By now many users have migrated their CrashPlan Home installations to the new low-end offering of Code42’s CrashPlan, but there may be some waiting to do this later on this year. So here’s the required/recommended procedure to migrate your backup, using a Synology NAS: Preparation: I’ll assume you have your community package CrashPlan

CrashPlan for Home is to be discontinued – what now?

Affiliate Links So Code42 is getting out of the home user business, as presented here: And here’s the Facebook post where customers are placing a lot of questions: In the end, something like this was bound to happen. Microsoft was the first to pull back from unlimited cloud storage on OneDrive, although it is

So You Want to Install CrashPlan on an Headless Server (such as a Synology NAS)?

Affiliate Links Many that have a small home or office server wonder if it is possible to use it to backup their data to adequate Cloud Backup services; and many of those NAS systems do offer native support for some services, such as Synology‘s DSM package for Amazon‘s Glacier. But in the particular case of Synology, it shouldn’t

CrashPlan 4.8.2 Installation Fix for Synology (1436674800482_4 April 2017)

Affiliate Links NEW for CrashPlan for Small Business users: note that the correct package paths will now begin with ´/var/packages/CrashPlanPRO/…´.   Following up the discussion on this thread from our forums, here’s what I’ve gathered about this new version upgrade. FYI the auto-upgrade block procedure continues to work just fine, preventing CrashPlan from breaking inadvertedly. Edit: use this to

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