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CrashPlan for Home is to be discontinued – what now?

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Affiliate Links So Code42 is getting out of the home user business, as presented here: And here’s the Facebook post where customers are placing a lot of questions: In the end, something like this was bound to happen. Microsoft was the first to pull back from unlimited cloud storage on OneDrive, although it is…

So You Want to Install CrashPlan on an Headless Server (such as a Synology NAS)?

Affiliate Links Many that have a small home or office server wonder if it is possible to use it to backup their data to adequate Cloud Backup services; and many of those NAS systems do offer native support for some services, such as Synology‘s DSM package for Amazon‘s Glacier. But in the particular case of Synology, it shouldn’t…

Connecting to the Headless NAS – Update the .ui_token File Procedure

Affiliate Links One more important piece of non-official CrashPlan support and assistance: updating the .ui_token file in order to connect to our headless CrashPlan backup setup! Here are the tasks that need to be made on the headless server and the desktop computer (Mac will be used in this example), respectively:   Headless CrashPlan Backup Server:…

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